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A popular method which has been around as long as auto insurance has is to visit with agents; many individuals choose this way of shopping because they feel more comfortable being face to face with a person rather than on the telephone, although it can take quite a bit of time to visit several offices to get quotations to compare from. Just about every insurer and their representatives has a telephone and many individuals like to call around shop different companies by telephoning providers and obtaining a free rate quote to compare from; as a matter of fact, the California Department of Insurance requires that every insurer in the state have a toll free number and or a website where residents can obtain a cost estimate or be referred to somebody who can which brings up the next point. While calling insurers is certainly faster than hopping in a car and driving down to offices, the Internet offers an extremely fast and convenient way to gather and compare rates. There are several websites which provide visitors with the ability to obtain quotations from a variety of companies in one place so that consumers may not even have to visit more than one website to find the cheapest rates. Regardless of the method that a person chooses to use when shopping around for coverage they should keep in mind that getting quotes is absolutely free and does not require any sort of obligation; be sure to take time to compare as many as possible before purchasing a policy. Source :There are many ways to go about getting an auto insurance quote.

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Additionally, insurers may find these new data classes to be hugely valuable in building new customer experiences and offering value added services, such as coupons, smart routing, or other benefits directly or through third parties. Along with analytical expertise, insurers should develop technological and operational capabilities to handle the challenges of insuring tomorrow’s self driving cars. A range of companies are testing autonomous vehicle technologies, but no standard has emerged for the hardware and software components that comprise these systems, meaning that multiple systems or standards could potentially coexist in the marketplace. Each hardware and software configuration may vary in performance and, by extension, have a unique risk profile. Hardware components may have different failure rates and performance capabilities, and older models may perform worse than newer ones. Autonomous vehicle algorithms and software may perform at different levels depending on road or weather conditions. And these vehicles may be vulnerable to hacking based on the security of the network and software. To effectively price policies, underwriters will need to understand and build risk models based on an estimation of these various factors. 13Underwriters with specialized knowledge and systems may become even more important in the insurance sales and relationship management process. For example, underwriters who understand specific vehicle systems may help insurers advise commercial buyers on the expected performance of a vehicle before it is acquired. And shared mobility policies, purchased by passengers on a trip by trip basis, could require near instantaneous quote generation.