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This can be managed online, over the phone or, simply, in person. Make sure to allow them know you are shopping around and it might help them to give you the cheapest price possible. While shopping for cheap auto insurance, risk is the first element that insurance companies look at when it comes to pricing an auto insurance policy. If they have reasons to believe that you are at higher risk of creating road accidents or traffic tickets, then the more likely you will need to file claims. This costs them money so your policy will become higher. Some of the risks they look at are history of your driving, date of birth and occupation. If you have a lot of tickets on your driving record or are under the age of 25, you will likely pay a much higher premium. Bear in mind, that if you go for several years without any incidents on your record, many companies will automatically lower your insurance costs. And if you get married or have life insurance or other insurances with the same insurance company, then more discounts may apply. The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 states that people who plan to file for bankruptcy protection are now required to receive counseling from an agency that is government approved within a six month period before filing. After filing bankruptcy a debtors education course must be completed.